Thank you to the following donors and supporters, without whom the Halloween Fun Pack Project would not be possible:

Hundred Haunters

Carol Bondiskey-Seaholt

Kristy Johnson

Carrie Rhodes and Stan Smith

Katherine Smith

Seventy-Five Scarers

Sammy Hain

Melanie Lee

Fifty Frighteners

Amy Butcher-Breda

Mercedes Handtke

Kaitlin Patterson

Twenty-Five Terrors

Tabitha Ashura

Jess Carlson

Rebecca Hammond

Kellie Harvey

David Hornish

Summer Kumar

Dan Nations

Oneida Pignataro

Mary Stoddard

Mike Wilton

Ten Little Ghosts

Justina Auer

Cheryl Conte

Cindy Diaz

Amber Hettrick

Isabel Gonzalez

Emily Mercadante

Wenona Napolitano

Jamie McKinney

MacKenzie Robinson

Mayra Segura

Alice Middleton Warner

Devilish Donors

Nathaly Barrios

Thea Beck

Anna Donley

Ali Graham

Michelle Lombardo

Karen Murphy

Adrienne Scicchitano

Sketchy Individuals

Jim Adkins

Rob Floyd

Justin Girard

Brian Gubicza

Andrew Lopez

Ryan Olsen

Clay Sayre

Peter Simeti

Eric Sobel

Mortuary Assistants

Lauryn Dennis

Kurt Kuersteiner

Kelly Saul

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